Project site: Morocco

Capacity: 1 tons per hour

Pellets size: 6mm

Application: Fireplace fuel or pellets for sale

Main Raw material: wood waste and other forest waste

Mr.Sarl in Morocco said he used to import wood pellets, but now he wants to produce his own. While being self-sufficient, he also established his own brand of wood pellets. The customer wanted to start a small pellet production line to test the market first and account for profitability. The engineer designed a standard process plan for the customer and we have explained whole process of how to make wood pellet.

1tph wood pellet plant process

After visiting the equipment in the company, the customer was satisfied with the quality of the equipment, and proposed to go to the domestic factory to see the operation of our equipment. We took the customer to see a wood pellet plant with an annual output of 20,000 tons in the local area. Customers are quite satisfied with visiting the site and seeing the operation of the equipment.

Back at the company, the client happily signed a contract with the boss and put out $1,000 as a deposit, saying that he would make the payment upon his return to China.

Finally, after production, installation and commissioning, the 1 ton per hour wood pellet plant project was assembled in Morocco within 3 months.

1TPH wood pellet plant project for Morocco
wood pellet plant pellets