Project site: Brazil
Capacity: 5 tons per hour
Pellet size: 6 mm
Main Raw material: wheat, rice, corn, potato, sugar cane and other crop straw

After 10 days of installation and commissioning, the straw pellet production line with an output of 5 tons per hour has been successfully operated, and the customer is very satisfied with our equipment and services. This straw granule production line mainly includes:straw rotary cutter, straw grinder, dust removal equipment, pellet mill, pellet cooling machine and packaging machine, etc.

We have also successfully installed and commissioned multiple sets of wood pellet plants in Russia, Argentina, Canada, the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Peru and other countries and regions. There are many raw materials involved, including sawdust, miscellaneous wood, rice husk, bamboo powder, pasture and so on.

5ton straw pellet production line process

Before purchasing the straw pellet production line, the customer raised his concerns:

1. He pays great attention to the quality of the wood pellets produced, how to judge the quality of the pellets?

Put the pellets in a glass of water, if it sinks to the bottom, it proves that its density is high enough, this is because the pressure is sufficient when the wood pellets are formed. If the particles float on the water surface, it proves that its density is very low, its quality is very poor, its durability is very poor, and it is very easy to crush or become fine powder.

2. What should be paid attention to before producing wood pellets?

  • Moisture should be controlled at 15%~18%. When the moisture is uniform, the forming rate is higher and the density is higher.
  • Before granulation, there must be a magnetic separation device, so that the mold will not be damaged and unnecessary losses will be avoided.

3. Do you provide installation service?

We are a pellet plant manufacturer, and we have an engineering construction team with more than 10 years of work experience, who can provide you with machine installation, operation training, maintenance guidance and other services.

Straw rotary cutter
5ton straw pellet production line