Capacity: 8 Ton Per Hour Customized
Raw Material: Palm Shell, Other Biomass Wastes Etc.
Final Size: 8mm Or Other Customized Sizes.

Palm kernel shell pellet production line

For Malaysia, where the palm oil industry is developed, tens of thousands of tons of palm shells are one of the biomass fuels with great development potential. However, due to cost reasons, untreated palm shells are often directly shipped to other countries by bulk carriers. In some areas, large-scale mildew occurs from time to time.

Based on the advantages of palm shell combustion and environmental protection considerations, our Malaysian customer wants to establish a palm shell pellet processing line, and at the same time actively explores ways to improve the combustion efficiency of pellets, thereby improving the production cost and quality of pellets, so that this unique pellet fuel can be used It is environmentally friendly and has high-quality combustion calorific value that ordinary pellets do not have.

After several on-site investigations, visits to existing successful cases, and on-site testing of raw materials, the customer decided to purchase a wood pellet machine with an output of 2 tons per hour for trial use. It took less than half a year to purchase new equipment and expand it to have 3 pellet machines. 8 tons of standardized palm kernel shell pellet production line.

8ton palm kernel shell pellet production line
Palm kernel pellet production line Malaysia