Capacity: 3 tons/hour
System: Wood Chipper, Shredder, Sawdust Dryer, Pellet Mill, Cooler, Vibrating Screen and other auxiliary equipment
Raw materials: Beech (humidity 40%)

The customer purchases a production line for use in a medium-sized industrial boiler factory. The particle size requirement is 6mm. Since the final product is for self-use, the cost of packaging equipment is reduced.

When designing the production line, considering the overall quality of raw materials, it not only depends on the type of raw materials, moisture, but also has a great relationship with the compression ratio and roughness of the mold. the right equipment. At the same time, we determined the location of the production line after studying the availability of raw materials, the distance between the factory and the boiler factory, etc.

This is a 3t/h biomass wood pellet production line with complex process. The installation period is 60 days. In the later operation, about 5 people are needed to ensure the normal operation of the production line.

Biomass wood pellet production line process

biomass wood pellet production line process

Due to the energy crisis and the shortage of electricity supply, pellet fuel production plants have been built all over the world to alleviate the pressure on energy and the environment.

The demand for wood pellet fuel in Europe is high, and it is estimated that by 2020, the demand for wood pellets in EU countries will be about 500,000 to 80 million tons.

biomass wood pellet production line
biomass wood pellets