Wood pellet manufacturing equipment is primarily used for complete turnkey pellet production line projects that convert biomass materials such as various agricultural and forestry residues or energy crops into small compressed pellets that can be used as fuel sources for homes, businesses and power plants.

wood pellet plant making pellets

Wood Pellet Plant Process

1. Pretreatment

Includes removal of any foreign matter such as metal, plastic or rocks, large material is processed into small pieces by chippers, etc. The pre-processed raw material is then transported to the next stage of the production line.

2. Grinding

The pretreated raw material is ground into a fine powder using a sawdust hammer mill. And make it easier to handle in the next stage of the process.

3. Drying

The ground material is dried to reduce its moisture content. It is usually done with rotary drum dryers or flash dryers. The moisture content of the dry material must be below 10% to be processed into pellets.

4. Pelletizing:

Pellet machine compress raw materials into small cylindrical pellets through a process called pelleting. Pelletizing passes raw materials through a die with small holes, compressing them into the desired shape and size.

5. Cooling:

Cool pellets to prevent heat damage, pellets sticking together or warping, and maintain their quality and consistency.

6. Packaging

The shaped pellets are weighed and sealed using packaging machines to maintain their quality and integrity during transport, storage and use.

Wood pellet manufacturing equipment