Drum wood chipper is a machine that is used to convert large pieces of wood into small, uniform chips. These chips are typically used as a raw material in the production of wood pellets, paper, and other products.

The drum wood chipper works by feeding large pieces of wood into the chipping drum, which is equipped with a series of blades. The blades chop the wood into small chips, which are then expelled from the machine.

drum chipper
drum wood chipper
wood chipper

Advantages Of Wood Chipper

  • Efficient processing: Drum wood chippers are designed to process large amounts of wood quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for high-volume operations.
  • Consistent chip size: The uniform blades in the chipping drum produce consistent chip sizes, which are important for the production of high-quality wood pellets and other products.
  • Versatile: Drum wood chippers can be used to process a variety of wood types, including hardwoods and softwoods.
  • Low maintenance: Drum wood chippers are typically low maintenance machines, and are designed to operate for long periods of time with minimal downtime.
  • Safe operation: Drum wood chippers are equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off in case of overloading or other malfunctions.
  • Cost-effective: Drum wood chippers are a cost-effective solution for producing wood chips, especially when compared to other methods that may require manual labor or additional equipment.

Overall, drum wood chippers play a crucial role in the production of wood products, and their efficient, reliable operation makes them a valuable tool for many industries and applications.

Parameters Of Drum Wood Chipper

Model Power(KW) Output(t/h) Feeding port size(cm) chipped size(mm)
YGX215 45+2.2+1.5 3-4 16×40 30
YGX216 55+3+4+1.5 3-5 23×50 30
YGX218 110+5.5+5.5+1.5 6-10 30×68 30
YGX2113 315+11+11+3 15-25 35×80 30