Hot sale new biomass pellet machine (2 ton/h)

Hot sale new biomass pellet machine (2 ton/h)

Biomass pellet machine is a kind of pellet equipment commonly used in biomass energy industry. It is a new fuel making machine that crushes biomass raw materials such as twigs and straws and then presses them into rod-shaped pellets to replace coal and carbon.

Our new vertical centrifugal high efficiency ring die pellet mill combines the advantages of traditional horizontal ring die and flat die pellet mill, which is especially suitable for biomass pellet making.


The new biomass pellet machine can not only press normal crop straw, such as corn straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, but also many other raw materials such as wood chips, wood flour, rice husk, peanut shell, palm, coconut shell, melon seed shell, pasture grass, city garbage, waste paper and cloth, medicine residue, mushroom residue, beer lees and other raw materials.

Features of Biomass Pellet Machine

  1. MXLH-Type biomass ring die pellet mill is part of a hard pellet ring die pellet mill, it is suitable for all biomass pellet production enterprise,low invest high returns.
  2. With compact structure, beautiful appearance, high output, low power consumption, easy maintenance, easy to use, reliable work, etc.
  3. This biomass pellet machine can optional all kinds of molds to produce wood pellet diameter from Φ6-Φ8mm,to meet the needs of different users, and the pellet diameter also can customize according to the user actual demand.
  4. Adopt international advanced manufacturing equipment and processes of steel ring die,new design roller,long use life, smooth to produce high quality wood pellet.
  5. Double layer mold, up and down all can use, economical and durable, low cost, Mold static pressure wheel rotation, the material of centrifugal,uniformly distributed around,improve production capacity.

Specifications of Pellet Machine

Item Name MXLH-700
Main Power(KW) 132kw
Dial-out Motor 1.5kw
Oil Pump Motor 0.37kw
Production Capacity 2t/h
Roller Quantity 2pcs
Die Inner Diameter 700mm
Working Noise <80dB (A)
Pellet Diameter Wood pellet standard diameter 6 or 8mm,can customized
Transmission Way Electric motor drive reducer gear transmission
Lubrication system Independent lubrication system for gear box and reducer
Dimension Length 2.1m
Width 1m
Height 1.8m
Weight Weight 7Ton


Advantages of Biomass Pellet Machine

  1. Mold upward,vertical feed:This unique design can avoid sawdust be stuck in granulating room,conducive to heat dissipation,feed evenly, not easy to knot the arch.high yield and energy saving.
  2. Double layer ring die:Save cost,long use life.
  3. Motor drive reducer transmission: Super high efficiency motor drive reducer, have large inertia to drive roller rotating,stable operation,easy to maintain,long life.
  4. Using high precision gear transmission directly, transmission efficiency is as high as 98% than general pellet mill.
  5. Transmission gears after heat treatment, can improve the tooth surface hardness;Adopt tooth surface carburizing treatment, carburized layer depth to enhance the wear resistance, prolong the service life of the components;Hard tooth surface by the silent practice edge grinding process, make the shipment quieter and more smoothly.
  6. Spindle and conjoined hollow shaft is made of German imports of alloy structural steel after forging, rough turning, heat treatment, pure water and fine grinding work, reasonable structure, uniform hardness improves the component fatigue resistance and wear resistance, to provide safe operation more reliable guarantee.
  7. The host body using high quality steel precision casting and become, uniform thickness, structure tightly;Again by the German import machine tool processing,The machining accuracy zero error.Provide stronger support for normal operation.
  8. Transmission part of the bearing and oil seal adopts high precision SFK bearings and the Japan imported wear heat-resistant fluoro rubber oil seal, and especially add lubricating oil system, oil circulating cooling, automatic timing for oil lubrication.Ensure that sufficient lubrication bearing,low noise,more safe and reliable operation.
  9. Granulating room cooling system: As the pelletizing process will generate high temperature, it will reduce the service life of die and bearing.By add blower and cyclone,this cooling system can avoid it happened.

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