Water Drop Wood Hammer Mill

Water Drop Wood Hammer Mill

The water drop wood hammer mill is a hammer mill specially designed for processing biomass materials. It can crush wood, wood chips, straw, rice husk, rice husk, branches, palm shells, leaves and agricultural and forestry waste into 3mm-5mm sized debris, which is convenient for pellet machine to granulate.


Water drop wood hammer mill consists of a crushing chamber, a rotor with hammer blades, a screen and a feeding machinery. It efficiently grinds wood material into fine particles and is suitable for a variety of applications including wood pellet production, animal feed production and biomass energy production.

water drop wood hammer mill screen

Working principle of water drop wood hammer mill

After the wood material enters the crushing chamber through the feeding machinery, it contacts with the rotating hammer. The hammer rotates at high speed and strikes the wood material with great force, breaking it into smaller pieces.

The decomposed sawdust material passes through a screen which determines the final pellet size of the material.

wood hammer mill internal structure

Features of wood drop hammer mill

  1. Directly connected to the motor to ensure the maximum output of motor energy.
  2. The crushing chamber adopts the water drop type, which effectively destroys the raw material circulation layer, realizes re-grinding, and ensures better crushing efficiency.
  3. Quick-start spherical press screen structure, easy to replace the screen. Compression is more reliable.
  4. The rotor has passed the dynamic balance, static balance and vibration tests, with stable operation, low noise and excellent performance.
  5. This machine can crush wood chips, corncobs, coconut shells and other biomass materials.

Parameters of wood drop wood hammer mill

Model Motor Power(KW) Capacity(T/H) Size(mm)
SFSP 56×40 37 1-3 1560x860x1057
SFSP 60×60 55 2-4 2113x966x1132
SFSP 66×80 90 4-6 2526x1044x1205
SFSP 66×100 132 5-8 2550x1020x1300