Capacity: 2 tons per hour
Pellet size: 6-8mm
Main raw material: Softwood (90%) and Hardwood (10%)
Project area: 19m*16m*15m(L*W*H)
Installation period: 30 days

With the rapid growth of demand for wood pellet fuel, as one of the countries with the largest biomass wood pellet production, Germany’s biomass pellets are not only sold to EU countries, but also used in domestic heating and power generation.

Biomass pellet raw materials in Germany mainly come from forestry and agriculture, as well as waste. Wood has a large share in German heating systems. They can’t simply be thrown directly into the stove, but can be processed into pellet fuel.

Compared with other manufacturers’ pellet equipment, our wood pellet machine can accept raw materials with a moisture content of 13-15%, so customers can greatly reduce the energy input in the drying process, thereby reducing production costs. In addition, our wood pellet line circuit strictly complies with EU standards, equipped with emergency stop system and independent power switch to ensure safe operation.

2ton wood pellet line
wood pellet line pellets